Piano Lessons at Kleisler Music Studio - Piano lessons can be enjoyed by students of all ages!
 Welcome to the Kleisler Music Studio Website!

 Piano lessons are taught at this home studio by Lynn Kleisler, NCTM, who is an  independent, nationally certified,  piano teacher in Suffolk, Virginia.  The studio  features a Yamaha professional studio upright, a Baldwin/Hamilton console, several  keyboards, and a computer music lab.  Students, ages five to adult, can enroll in   30, 45 and 60 minute  private lessons.  
 In addition to piano lessons, musicianship classes are offered to all school age  students.  Piano lessons  emphasize the fundamentals of music which include  technique, theory, ear training,  music appreciation and memorization.  There are  many performance and competition opportunities for students who are interested, to  help them learn and  grow. 
 Mission Statement:
 My desire is to help students, school age to adult, receive a comprehensive music  education through fun, creative and professional piano instruction and to maximize  each  individual's success in music.  I am dedicated to accomplishing this by  providing as  many opportunities for learning, in addition to the lesson, through  musicianship classes, the computer lab, and performance opportunities.  It is my  objective for the student,  parents and the teacher to form an effective team and  help each student reach their  highest potential.
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