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Studio Performance Opportunities for Students:

As I am a member of the Tidewater Music Teachers Forum, Virginia Music Teachers Association and the National Guild of Piano Teachers, students currently taking piano lessons can play in the various music events that they sponsor. A fee is charged by the organization for participation in some of these events.

Some of these piano events are evaluations, some are performance oriented, and some are competitions. Students are invited to participate if the student is interested and the teacher feels that the student is ready. 

These events include:

  • TMTF Hymn Festival
  • TMTF Play-A-Thon
  • TMTF Student Recital
  • VMTA Keyboard Skills Test
  • TMTF Levels of Progress
  • TMTF Glover Scholarship Auditions
  • National Guild Piano Playing Auditions
  • Kleisler Music Studio Recital

These events give students goals as well as an opportunity to perfect their skills and are not mandatory. 

*(TMTF) Tidewater Music Teachers Forum - a professional local organization of independent, school, and

college music teachers in the areas of piano, organ, voice, guitar and composition. They sponsor many events 

each year to promote teacher and student growth in music.

*(VMTA) Virginia Music Teachers Association - a professional state organization of independent, school,

and college music teachers that sponsor events for teacher and student growth.

*National Guild of Piano Teachers - a national organization based out of Texas that sponsors events

to help promote student growth, excellence, and goals.

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