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The piano music school year runs from September through June. The tuition is based on the piano music school year and length of the private piano lesson. It is divided by 10 months with ten equal payments and is payable the first week of each month. Students who sign up for piano lessons are expected to complete the year and tuition is due for the entire piano music school year regardless of the student's attendance.

The tuition fee covers far more than the piano lesson time. Some costs that it includes are:

  • Musicianship Class expenses.
  • Access and additions to Sight-reading Materials Library (sheet music/ books) and CD Library
  • Teacher's time for preparation of lessons (assignments, music purchasing, etc.).
  • Studio Operating Expenses.
  • Planning for events and required volunteer time of the teacher to the organization.
  • Extra rehearsals and lessons that may be needed for events and recitals.
  • Computer repair and piano tuning.
  • Access to Computer Lab.

A registration and book deposit fee are required each year to help cover the following expenses:

  • Music Binder and Pencil Pouch.
  • Specially Printed Lesson Assignment Notebook.
  • Computer Lab Sheets.
  • Student's Personal Music.
  • Materials for Lessons and Musicianship Classes.
  • Recital Expenses and Awards.
  • Ensemble and Duet music purchases.
  • Additions to CD, Book, and Sheet Music Libraries.
  • Computer Software upgrades.
  • Printing costs and Equipment repair.

Amount of event fees can be obtained by calling and requesting a Studio Policy Guide.


For proper musical progress, each student is expected to attend piano lesson at the assigned time scheduled. It should be regarded as a priority commitment. More details about attendance can be obtained by requesting a Studio Policy Guide.

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